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husky shepherd mix 1

What do you call a Husky and German Shepherd mix?

There is no formal name for a Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix; they are technically a mixed-breed or crossbreed, although, some people refer to them as a Gerberian Shepsky, Siberian Shepherd, or Husky...

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Dalmatians and Megaesophagus

According to many dog related websites, megaesophogus can occur in a variety of canines but is rare in the Dalmatian. What is Megaesophagus? Megaesophagus  is a condition Dalmations (and many other animals/humans) can get...

Aura at the beach 0

Aura at the beach June 2014

Here’s Aura at the beach. I just came across this pic and thought I’d add it to the blog. Aura absolutely LOVES the beach. The image colors are slightly enhanced and this is an...

Aura Pregnant 1

Aura is pregnant!

Well, the moment that we have been waiting for is here. A sonogram at NCSU today proved Aura is indeed pregnant. Keep up to date on our puppies page.

aura waiting 0

Aura Looking out the Window

This is our girl Aura. A family member just pulled in the driveway, so she is eagerly waiting for them to get out of the car. She would be barking, but she can recognize...

Aura after bath 0

Aura after bath

Some dogs look like a rat after a bath, others like like a bear! Aura had a quick bath today. Here she is hanging out in the sun, drying off and sniffing around for...