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April 2012 Pictures of Aura vom Roten Feldweg 0

April 2012 Pictures of Aura vom Roten Feldweg

Finally! New pictures are here of Aura: These pictures were taken on Easter Day, April 8, 2012. The first picture is used on Aura’s page on Pedigree database. The other pictures are just for...

Our Dogs page updated 0

Our Dogs page updated

We finally uploaded a pic of Aura to our “Our Dogs” page. The page will be updated more soon but shows images of our German Shepherds:

Gettin muddy with Buddy 0

Gettin muddy with Buddy

Fina’s best friend, Buddy, came out to play today. It was a nice mild Carolina afternoon here. Aura was delighted to have a playmate. Buddy likes to be the boss but Aura knows no...

Aura vom Roten Feldweg 0

Aura vom Roten Feldweg

Aura vom Roten Feldweg arrived in the USA today.  We’re absolutely thrilled to be adding her to our family!!!!! Aura is now dual registered in Germany & the United States. Her hips & elbows...

Fina Vom Chandlerhaus 0

Fina Vom Chandlerhaus

Fina Vom Chandlerhaus is a family companion. She has a strong desire to be with us and our kids at all times. Fina’s parents & some of her siblings are trained dogs. Fina is...