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B Litter Pregnancy Update

Aura was at NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine again today for some prenatal care. She had a checkup, Xray, and we got some wormer for her. She has never had worms before, but it...

Adele Visits Aura 0

Adele Visits Aura

Adele came by for a visit recently (she was the purple collared puppy from he A litter). We’re not really in the dog watching business but Adele’s humans needed a hand as they are...

AKC Litter Certificates are in 0

AKC Litter Certificates are in

AKC Litter Certificates arrived today. We get a colorful, stamped litter certificate, and they send a black and white copy for each puppy. It contains all of the information on it and is easy...