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Aura has a Theriogenologist 0

Aura has a Theriogenologist

Today we met with Dr. Scott Bailey in NCSU’s Theriogenology dept. Theriogenologists are veterinarians with advanced training in animal reproduction. They offer onsite progesterone testing and much more. Aura will be paying them a...

Fina turns 7! 0

Fina turns 7!

Fina turns 7 today! It has been 7 great years with “Fina Beena”. She has been the best companion ever. She curls up in chairs beside us when we’re having a bonfire, plays tug...

Aura turned 2 0

Aura turned 2

Aura the German Shepherd turned 2 today. She’s just a big puppy! Happy Birthday, Aura! Fina has a birthday this week, too. We’re going to have a party!

Heat Wave Alert 0

Heat Wave Alert

You didn’t need us to point it out, but North Carolina is in the middle of a heat wave.It was 106 here the other day! The dogs have been going on their walks early...

Aura’s Mommy Leika 0

Aura’s Mommy Leika

This is Aura’s Mommy: SCHH2 Kkl 1, HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1), V75(BSZS AACHEN2008) Leika vom Sommerrod. Her page on PedigreeDatabase is here.

Aura’s Daddy Fritz 0

Aura’s Daddy Fritz

This is Aura’s Daddy, SCH3 Kkl 1, HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1), VA(PL),V1,SG36 BSZS, Fritz vom Kuckucksland:   Fitz’s page is available on PedigreeDatabase here.