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Facebook Page Update 0

Facebook Page Update

We updated our Facebook page some more today. Check it out!  

Canine Vaginal Cytology Examinations 0

Canine Vaginal Cytology Examinations

In Raleigh, North Carolina, it can be hard to get a progesterone test. While we like the idea of progesterone testing, we have to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, come in, have blood...

Fina is out of heat 0

Fina is out of heat

Well, it appears she may have been ready right on Christmas Eve. It just wasn’t meant to be. We were celebrating the holidays with family. We may try one last time in may, or...

Fina is in heat! 0

Fina is in heat!

We’ve missed some of her last heats as she likes to go into heat while we’re away at the beach or away for the holidays. We’ve been impatiently waiting for her to go back...