Otis, the German Shepherd from our C Litter

December 23, 2016, “Otis” came to live with us. Below will be a timeline of his progress with us. We have been calling him “Odie”. Will he come a “Cody”? Who knows!

Odie was sold before he was even born. He was born December 17, 2014 at 5:59AM. Here is the announcement of the C litter arrival. I had also run a live blog of their birth.

Otis still has his puppy fur. Even at 2 years old, he is still a puppy!

Is Otis for sale?

Sort of.

I am not going out of town for the next several months and I have been exercising pretty heavily for the first time in many years. So, Otis is absolutely welcome here as long as he needs to be and getting walked daily. He bonded with us immediately and probably wants to be here forever.

Otis is an intense dog! I mean, he is a male 2yr old German Shepherd with German lines. Will Aura take a back seat to him? I have a wife and kids and 1 German Shepherd is really enough. It is sort of like buying a Ferrari – do you need 2 Ferraris? haha. I am sort of happy with Aura’s age right now – she is 6 and is a bit of a couch potato. Aura has protection training – I work from home and Aura goes absolutely everywhere with me. If I have 2 GSDs, they’re both going to get 50% of the attention they could have is all.

So, if and when I find him a good match – Otis may go to his new forever home. I am not aggressively pushing him on this site or anything and I don’t know yet what I would sell him for. My pups were $3000/pc and trained Otis would command closer to $10k. I would let him go for a fraction of that, but he is also far from a ‘rescue’ (I have nothing against rescues).

Otis is one of the finest males out there. His father is one of the top VA males in the USA and his mom’s sister is one of the top West German Show Line shepherds in the world. I don’t know if he could do it, but if he had show awards and Shutzhund training he would literally be worth more than my house. His dad makes $1,400/hr! lol (true story) (Read all about his parents here on my puppy page)

Otis was in an apartment for a couple months before he made it back here, and he does need some work. Sometimes he barks at people when meeting them- he is harmless, but he is huge and terrifies some people. I also want to get his excitement under control. I am in contact with a professional trainer who could fix all of these things, but I am just working on them slowly with positive reinforcement.

Read all about his progress below!

Otis’s Progress here:

This was Otis at birth!

Why did we get Otis back?

I have always told people that they could bring their dog back at any time if they needed to give him a good home and I would either care for the dog or find them a home which fits them.

Otis’ owner had some medical issues and is in a wheelchair now and is unable to care for Otis.

The first thing I did once getting Otis back is take him on a very long walk with his mom, that is, after they were getting along, which didn’t take too long.

Otis on December 26, 2016.

Here he is walking beside Aura (mom):

After the walk, they are nice and relaxed:

Nice and relaxed after a walk

We went every day for days. Her we are on the 28th:

Here we are walking on 12/28/2016

And again a few days later:

January progress

Odie is a great dog, he has a LOT of energy. He had a few issues, some of which were new once arriving at our place. Understandably, it is taking a few weeks for him to settle in.

With all of his energy I have begun taking him on 2mi walks/jogs! He also likes chewing on his bone.

He sure is a beautiful dog. He is exactly what we envisioned when breeding. Nice black saddle, dark mask. He is just a big old horse.

Odie gets super excited when he sees me and sometimes peed a little on the ground. I believe I have that problem licked. (Update, this ended Jan 14ish and has never happened again).

Odie hangs out in his crate after supper sometimes.

Here is Odie coming by for a pet. He is very affectionate.

January 29 Update

The kids love playing with Otie and he is great with them.  One of them is behind Otis in this picture below hanging her hair over him. haha

Otis no longer gets overly excited and has his favorite spot on the couch now. He bonded with us very fast. He is a great dog!

I can’t take him anywhere without literally everyone saying “Wow, what a beautiful dog!”

He needs some more socialization but is otherwise doing awesome. He learns so fast and is eager to please.

January 31, 2017

There is a river near my place and after being sick for a few days I took Otis & Aura there to run around. At places like this, Aura is never on a leash. I took Otis’s leash off to see what he would do. I expected him to run around and ignore me a little. Which he did. I was hoping after he settled down he would come when called. He did. I give him an A+ for the first time. and if you see the next day’s video – he is perfect.

February 1, 2017:

I took Otis back to the river again. There was a guy fishing nearby but he was far enough away I figured the dogs would leave him alone. They did.

This time Otis returned immediately every time I called him. Yay!

Feb 2 2017

Lots of walking today – about 2 miles. Every time I go out the dogs jump into the truck with me. I roll the windows down so that Otis can see all of the people walking around downtown. I think he is getting used to them. I need to introduce him to more people again soon and see how he does.

Feb 13 2017

Man the whole family has been wicked sick. Finally better. Yay!

Otis is doing awesome. He is an awesome dog. If I did not have Aura I wouldn’t let Otis go ever. He is a very fast learner. It almost makes me wonder if Aura is dumb or ignores me! Haha! Otis is so tall, if he finds something on the counter he may snatch it! We also have an electric trash can he has figured out how to operate! haha. He controls himself most of the time – at least as much as can be expected for a 2yr old, just don’t leave your burger on the counter or else you’ll just hear “clink, gulp”.

I have now bathed Otis, clipped nails, washed ears and am working on all of these things with him. I know he was well taken care of but he was sensitive to many of these things. I try to make all of these events “happy” events. Any time I clip nails, it is just before a ride in the truck and a nice walk on some pavement to file them down. Any time I give a bath we play after and they eat supper. Any time I clean ears there are snacks. If you follow these patterns with their dog they will at least tolerate them.

I have also discovered Otis has a lot of drive. This is very sought after in the show line. While it is a good thing, none of my females have ever had this much drive and I am not familiar with it. I need to start playing fetch some more out back. He would do good with some real training, too – in a group setting I suppose – not sure.

Here’s a video I did Feb 8 2017:



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