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Green Gets Spoiled

The last B litter boy at our place is hogging all of the attention for himself! He has been out and about in the house and is doing awesome- he is almost totally potty...

Blue goes to Walmart 2

Blue goes to Walmart

I didn’t know they sold German Shepherd puppies at Walmart! Oh wait, they don’t! When Blue’s new parents took him home the other night, he was pooped. He had taken a bath and run...

Snow in NC! 0

Snow in NC!

Today is a special day. “Blue” went home tonight. It started snowing as he left. We are confident his first 9 weeks of life we as awesome as possible and that he will be...

2 B Litter Males 0

2 B Litter Males

At this point we have 2 B Litter males available. On our A litter, the boys were in very high demand. On the B litter, the girls were in high demand. It is a...

B Litter Goes to the Vet 0

B Litter Goes to the Vet

The pups went to the vet Tuesday. They got a fantastic report card. Our vet is sending us detailed paperwork for each pup “soon”. We use Jordan Lake Animal Hospital and are hoping to...

Huge puppies!! 0

Huge puppies!!

The puppies are getting enormous. I just kicked off my size 13 sneaker for a second for comparison in this picture. It is pouring rain. Today we grabbed some puppy shampoo which is all...

B Litter Crate Introduction 0

B Litter Crate Introduction

A few days ago we introduced a crate to the area. The pups were outside eating and going potty and they came back in to discover the crate! We do not close them in...

Video of German Shepherd Puppies Fighting 0

Video of German Shepherd Puppies Fighting

Here the puppies are, play fighting! This litter has taken it pretty easy on each other. This is a great video, check it out! <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/w7fKjqwEHBA” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>