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Puppy Update 0

Puppy Update

Just a small update on the upcoming German Shepherd Puppy litter: We’re on track for whelping around June 2. We will begin accepting deposits around June 14. We just added a puppy FAQ to...

Aura Pregnant 1

Aura is pregnant!

Well, the moment that we have been waiting for is here. A sonogram at NCSU today proved Aura is indeed pregnant. Keep up to date on our puppies page.

aura waiting 0

Aura Looking out the Window

This is our girl Aura. A family member just pulled in the driveway, so she is eagerly waiting for them to get out of the car. She would be barking, but she can recognize...

victor 0

Glenn Beck says goodbye to GSD Victor

Saying goodbye to your German Shepherd Dog has to be one of the hardest things to do in life. They spend their entire life devoted to being near you and their biggest goal in...