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Adele 0

The A Litter Turns 2!

Happy Birthday to the A Litter! Adele sent us in this picture: Here she is again. Did you know German Shepherds are lap dogs? Here’s one more. Adele looks a whole lot like Aura!...

Adele, the swimming GSD 0

Do German Shepherds Like to Swim?

Adele from our A litter “phoned home” not long ago along with this incredible video of her swimming!!! Not all German Shepherds like to swim. Her mom, Aura, does not swim. She is fine...

Archer Says Happy New Ear! 0

Archer Says Happy New Ear!

Archer (from the A litter) sent us an email today to show off his ears. He was one of the big boys from the A litter, the light blue collared pup. His ears have...