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Meet the Midwoofs 0

Meet the Midwoofs

Yes, we have midwoofs here! These puppies don’t deliver themselves! Here they are, in alphabetical order, Amber & Vanessa! Left is Amber Parnell. In addition to being a veterinary technician and midwoof you can...

C Litter Update – Pregnant Aura 0

C Litter Update – Pregnant Aura

Aura is doing great! For the VERY curious, I just put up a complete update called how to tell if your GSD is pregnant. Please note that it is an informational article and parts...

Aura Pregnant 0

Aura is Pregnant! C Litter Puppy Update

Today the NCSU Veterinary Clinic confirmed that Aura’s October 18, 2014 breeding went well!!! The breeding took place in Spartanburg SC, afterwards, we spent some time with Aura in Asheville and Brevard, then we...